What is Anma?
Anma Shiatsu Massage is from Japan, for health and wellbeing.  Anma can be both deeply relaxing and revitalizing.  I offer it in its original full length of 90 minute sequence or the shortened 60 minute version.

Anma is received in a massage table, and like Shiatsu is received clothed.  What makes Anma unique from it’s relative of Shiatsu, is firstly it has a pulsing pressure or junhenko for much of the sequence. Secondly as a fixed sequence it offers unrivalled opportunities for both giver and receiver to relax. As a result it can be surprisingly effective at treating even very localised areas of tension.

The result of this treatment can have deep and long-lasting effects, and so can be a wonderful part of a long-term wellbeing programme.

Many of my clients have incorporated a monthly, fortnightly or weekly Anma treatment into their regular schedule.

Contraindications to Anma.  Varicose veins, pregnancy, broken bones or open wounds or infectious disease.