Thanks Katrina – I felt amazing after the session, very relaxed, very clear head, deep deep yawns and just very comfortable in my body, if that makes sense!
Dr Rosie Helyar, Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Wonderful massage, felt very relaxed after and slept very well.
Caroline SchofieldEco-Psychology and Coaching

After a treatment with Katrina I always feel very relaxed and grounded and my body feels aligned and nicely stretched.  It’s great to remain fully clothed and I love the fact that anma follows a sequence for the whole body.
Rosalind Love, Independent Celebrant 

I felt very grounded and light afterwards, also had the best sleep l had in ages.  l also felt more flexible, my back and hip eased.  Thank you. ~ JR

Tutor Endorsement
Katrina completed my 2 year program at East West College in 2011.  I believe having been a long time student and teacher of a Japanese Martial Art (Shintaido), her way of approaching and understanding the Anma technique was superlative and very natural.  I highly recommend anyone try the Anma treatment Katrina has mastered.
Haruyoshi Fugaku Ito - Founder of Kenshin Amma