Art Projects

Gone, gone, damage done: to the circle 2010
Performance Assistant to Under Negotiation (CN/UK)
Inbetween Time Festival at Arnolfini, Bristol



Solstice Sunpath 5:45 am onwards, 21st June, 2009
Solstice Celebration, Cherry Orchards, Bristol

The Sun in the Shadow 2008
, Easton, Bristol, England

The light in the shade the sun in the shadow 2008
IASYWN, Arnolfini, Bristol, England


A year around noon 2007
What do you do? Centrespace Gallery, Bristol, England

Waiting for weightlessness 2007
Darbyshire Exhibition Award (2nd place)
site07 festival, SVA, Stroud, England &
MEANTIME live, MEANTIME, Cheltenham, England

Answers on a postcard (please) 2007
SVA Gallery (Stroud Valleys Artspace), Stroud, England
John Street Program, Site07 Festival, Stroud, England

Untitled 2006
Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster, England

re/dressed 2005
Arts Trail, Boa Boutique, Perry Row, Bristol, England

to fly towards a secret sky 2005
Watershed, Bristol, England

Disinhabited spaces 2004
Gutted, 1833. N. Leavitt, Bucktown, Chicago, IL, US

Bee stings 2003
Graduate Exhibition, 847 W. Jackson, Chicago, IL, US

(re)placed longing 2002
Creative Re-use Symposium, SAIC, Chicago, IL, US

sub/merged 2002
Tic Toc Chicago Performance Festival, Chicago, IL, US
Transitory, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL, US

Migration 2002
La Montage, Art Institute of Chicago, IL, US

In/between 2001
Im?Mortal, Gallery 2, Chicago, IL, US

Uncertainty 2001
Tender, Spareroom, Chicago, IL, US

Eternal twilight 2001
Tender, Spareroom, Chicago, IL, US

One breath, two breaths… 2001
Tender, Spareroom, Chicago, IL, US

Feeling Poorly 2000
12 Days of Risk Festival, Chapter, Cardiff, Wales
Arnolfini Live, Arnolfini, Bristol, England