Shintaido keiko (practice) usually run for 1 1/2 or 2 hours. They involve a combination of soft, slow, meditative movement, vocal expression and more vigorous open forms. Some exercises are designed for partner work, which is central to the Shintaido ethos, while others are for practice alone.

A Shintaido keiko begins with long, soft warm ups designed to release tension and loosen the body gradually. It progresses to whole-body exercises that use voice and vigorous movement to expand the student’s range of motion, imagination, and physical expressiveness. Partner exercises are an important part of any Shintaido class. These include simple Japanese massage (shiatsu) techniques, partner stretches, and other exercises that emphasize physical communication between partners. Each class in this series will finish with a standing or moving meditation technique which allows students to regain their own balance and breathing in a new state of relaxation and awareness.

Breathe, sweat, stretch,
focus your concentration,

project your voice,
open your body,
empty your mind,

practice forms and formlessness:
study Shintaido.