Testimonials from Katrina’s classes:

“You are a great teacher: generous, focused, create a relaxed atmosphere to work. Everyone loved you and the session! WELL DONE!”
~ Tiago Gambogi, Bath Dance Forum & Dance Development Coordinator, Bath & North East Somerset

“I have attended classes taught by Katrina for the last 3 years.  Katrina’s sessions are always very well planned and her instructions are clear. She is also responsive to questions from the group that arise in the class and she ensures that her students have understood what the intentions are behind the various activities and forms within the practice of Shintaido.  Katrina’s natural warmth, humour and generosity is present in her teaching and I would highly recommend her as a Shintaido instructor.  I appreciate the detailed thought that she puts into her practice and teaching.  I have received support and clear guidance for my own practice of Shintaido through her teachings over the years.”
~Liz Terry, Area Leader, Sing Up

“Shintaido allows me to come home into my body.”
~ David Cooper, Houseparent, Ruskin Mill College

Testimonials about Shintaido:

“An essential part of Shintaido is about learning to leave behind our hindrances, and our experiences, to become our natural selves and live life to the full. What I do know is that Shintaido offers a framework to support our lives, and to explore these fundamental issues. Or just to be.”
~ Deborah Evans, Chief Executive, NHS Bristol

“During keiko (practice)/meditation we play, we learn how to play.”
~ Gianni Rossi, Senior Instructor, Italy Shintaido

“The alchemy of heart and mind working together and daring each one of us to expand and be more and more fully who, in fact, we actually are.  I am who I am.”
~ Alyson Hallett, Writer and Artist

“I certainly noticed with Shintaido that it lifts you out of that struggle, doesn’t it? It brings in a quality of grace into our lives really.”
~ Chloé Goodchild, Founder of The Naked Voice